HVAC & critical environmental control for pharmaceutical manufacturing and warehouses. BMS and EMS systems, qualification documentation and test execution. Long term archiving and reporting.


HVAC and indoor environment control in operating room block, room for patients and public spaces. Supervising of technology power supply.

Industrial buildings

Technological heating and cooling for technology, use of waste energy. Control of humidity and air exchange rate. EMS system for monitoring of power supply. Lighting control.

Office buildings

Control of HVAC and lighting in office spaces according to the occupancy. Integration with access control. Room group control based on space tenant requirement.

Shopping malls

Control of HVAC system based on variable number of visitors. Maximal energy efficiency. Night cooling. Integration of electrical power and heat meters, billing system for tenants.

Smart home systems

Solutions based on KNX technology for HVAC, light and blind control, scene definition and remote access.