HVAC & critical environmental control. DseigoCC BMS and EMS compliant with FDA regulation. Long term archiving and reporting.


HVAC and indoor environment control in operating room block, room for patients and public spaces. Technology, energy and light control  integration.

Industrial buildings

Heating and cooling using waste energy, environment control, lighting control. DesigoCC for energy monitoring.

Commercial buildings

Smart office for comfort and energy efficiency. Flexible scenarios including occupancy and constant light control.

Shopping malls

Siemens Desigo highly energy efficient system adapting to the environment and occupancy to reduce operating cost.

Smart home systems

Based on KNX technology, increase comfort and efficiency for heating, cooling and lighting. Remote web access.

SIPATEC academy

Training center

On demand class or face-to-face training for design, commissioning and start up. Selected training have Siemens certificate.

Video material

Video material for commissioning and starting up Siemens thermostats.

Printed material

Printed material in Serbian language for selected products and solutions. We send paper copy for free upon request.