We distribute brand name equipment with high quality technical support, documentation and training.

Siemens Building Technologies BMS systems for comfort and energy efficiency, low voltage systems for safety and security.

Gruenbeck GmbH water technology for heating and cooling systems, for steam production. Solution for drinking water production plants.

ABB low voltage equipment, electrical motors, industrial instrumentation and analytic measurement for industrial plants.

Petz Industries GmbH&Co explosion proof sensors, transmitters and actuators.

Designer corner

Solutions and equipment

  • Functional diagrams
  • Specifications with prices
  • Typical wiring diagrams

Sipatec Academy

  • Thermostats
  • Synco100
  • Synco200
  • Synco700

Vertical marketing marketing is offering solution tailored for specific building requirement complying with pharmaceutical, hotel and other specific standards related to the technology of the building.

Designer corner offers library of functional diagrams, specifications with prices and typical wiring diagrams.

Sipatec Academy offers training with training certificates for commissioning and starting up.


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e: office@sipatec.rs


SIPATEC BMS Technologies

Str. B-dul Republicii nr. 6, Timişoara, România
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e: office@sipatec.ro

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